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Investment Approach
Tailored to your Goals: What are you saving for? College educations? Retirement? Your very old age? Your estate? These differing time-horizons suggest a different mix of investments might be appropriate.Learn More
Values in Action
We believe that how you handle your money is a reflection of your values. If we all strive to invest in a future we believe in, then the world will become a better place for ourselves and our community. You invest everyday in your family, your community and your future. We support you in this pursuit.
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We are compensated based on what funds you ask us to manage, and not based on sales commissions. Our goal is to give good service and good advice, and not to churn your account.Learn More

Why Choose Us

      • Tailored service: Personal attention and investing are tailored to your goals and objectives
      • Experienced: M. Allison Beezer, CFA, has an investing career spanning more than 25 years
      • Independent and objective: We are not compensated by the investments we recommend to you
      • Proactive: We will let you know when we think it’s time for a change in your portfolio
      • Reasonable: We try to balance the forces of growth and stability to provide you with sensible, practical advice

Hear this

Somewhere amidst the turbulence of fear and greed, reasonable financial decisions chart our course.