Tailored to your Goals

What are you saving for? College educations? Retirement? Your very old age? Your estate? These differing time-horizons suggest a different mix of investments might be appropriate. How sensitive are you to the downside of volatility? Are you tax sensitive? Your situation, goals and risk tolerance help determine what kind of investment mix might suit you well.

Portfolio Projection

How much should you be saving? When can you retire? How much can you spend in retirement? These are challenging questions in a complex financial landscape. Together we answer your key questions here by looking at your current savings, your desired future, and some general economic assumptions to generate a hypothetical Portfolio Projection. This shows how your portfolio value might change over time as you save and spend.

Investment Research

Seattle Portfolio Company investment research is independent and objective. The research effort is primarily supported by a data subscription to Morningstar Office which includes in-depth securities information and analysis. For mutual funds, we are primarily looking for low expense ratios, low portfolio turnover and an experienced management team. For individual stocks, we are primarily looking for low price-to-earnings ratios, low levels of debt and sufficient levels of cash holdings to meet near term expenses.

Proactive Management

Seattle Portfolio Company will recommend rebalancing your portfolio to your target asset allocation at least once per year. SPC will also contact you at any time when concerned about a particular investment.

You Keep Ownership Control

Your money is held in custody at a national investment firm in your name. All investment recommendations are given to you for consideration. You can ask questions before accepting or declining a recommendation. Upon your approval, trading is then handled on your behalf by Seattle Portfolio Company via powers that are limited to investment changes within your ownership. Seattle Portfolio Company is not given authority to redeem your investments to a new owner, nor to change your address or contact information.

Quarterly reviews

Each quarter, you will receive a letter from Seattle Portfolio Company with a summary of what changes happened in your account over the quarter. You will also receive performance reports that show trailing portfolio performance for various time periods, and detailed quarterly security performance. Benchmark information on average trailing performance of various mutual fund categories is also provided for comparison.

Not a Financial Planner

We are here to guide you in the management of your investment portfolio and related annual saving or spending decisions. Are you instead primarily looking for detailed advice to reduce your debt burden, perform household annual budgeting, target an ideal mortgage balance, receive insurance coverage, or pursue comprehensive tax planning? If so, an Investment Advisor may not be the right professional for you. You may need a financial planner or other professional.

Types of Clients

Seattle Portfolio Company seeks clients who are focused on long-term investing goals such as preparing financially for retirement, or receiving ongoing annual income. We are especially successful with those who have a balanced approach to risk — not afraid of investment volatility, while also not extremely aggressive in investing preferences. Together, we strive to navigate a reasonable middle path to long term success.

Typical investment ownership types are:




Traditional IRA

Roth IRA


College 529

Your current employer retirement plan and your real estate holdings are not considered part of your Seattle Portfolio Company Managed Account.